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    Completely customizable for your favorite software, the Mine S is perfect for DJs, VJs, Producers, Lighting Technicians, Musicians, Video/Photo Editors, and more!



    Mine S is a cleverly designed, intuitive modular controller that puts the power to create efficiency in your hands. Using an easy swap-in/swap-out design, you can create the controller that you need to best use the software for your music, light show, visual effects, video editing, and more. Don’t let cumbersome controllers disrupt your creative workflow, get a seamless, customized experience with Mine S.

    • Pick and choose which modules you need, how many, and how you want them to be configured for the perfect layout.
    • Designed in Italy
    • Self-recognition of modules (Type, orientation and position)
    • Protocols available: MIDI, HID, OSC, DMX, Art-Net
    • 6 types of modules

    Mine S is able to recognize the position, orientation and type of module inserted. That means it can more easily map the controller and get you started on your creative endeavor faster. Our company, Specialwaves, will also send updates for firmware and software so you’ll have the opportunity to add new features, keeping you as up to date as possible.


    There are a lot of reasons why you may need a customizable and reconfigurable modular controller.

    • Need the perfect setup that makes sense for you
    • Your software works best with a particular layout
    • Need to switch quickly from one configuration to another
    • Working with a new piece or upgraded software
    • Changed up your workflow

    Other  controllers on the market aren’t versatile enough to meet user needs. With Mine S you don’t need to buy new controllers for new tasks, simply reconfigure and you’re back to work!

    Mine S is the perfect tool to work within the studio, as well as live events. It’s so compact and easy to switch up on the fly, so you’re ready to go in minutes. Want to use multiple pieces of software at the same time? No problem! Mine S can handle it with an easy interface. Mine S can even configure the module features in an advanced and precise way (i.e. linear or logarithmic curve), saving that particular configuration so you can use it later when you need it again.

    Many of you are multi-talented and need diverse applications for various jobs - even for different kinds of software. Luckily the Mine S can accommodate you, controlling lights today, and your VJ set tomorrow!  

    Mine S is versatile enough for all preprogrammed and last minute requests. For example, you can control a music or video track before a theatre or arena event, or add one or more channels for controlling a new effect - like a fog machine -  in a live set. Your creativity knows no bounds!

    With Mine S you can create a unique control surface that matches perfectly with the layout of the software are you using, eliminating user error that comes from switching back and forth from device to screen!

    Mine S comes with its own proprietary, intuitive Controller Editor software, which is compatible with most music, VJing, laser show, lighting software, and video/photo editing programs, providing for advanced control of connected modules and protocols.


    Users often require an advanced setup in order to fulfill complex tasks. Many controllers on the market are hard to personalize because they are pre-programmed to work in only one way, but often users need different workflow features compared to the one installed by the manufacturer.


    With Mine S you can quickly and efficiently configure each module and its functions. For example, you can set up the brightness and colors of the LEDs, the speed and incremental value of the encoders, and the curve of action of the slider and pots.


    Mine S can communicate via different protocols: MIDI, HID, OSC, DMX, and the Art-net protocol. You can even control more than one software and/or protocol at a time for maximum flexibility and fluid transition from one task to the next.


    Mine S is powered by a USB connection, so it’s easy to use with any computer. You can also use the Mine S external power supply if you’re using a lot of high-power consumption modules, which will also make the LED lights on the modules brighter. Otherwise, Mine S will automatically reduce the brightness of LEDs, saving energy.


    Since the Mine S is compact and designed for the most efficiency in the smallest amount of space, you don’t need a lot of room to use it, making it perfect for any size professional or home studio. Live event spaces can also sometimes be cramped depending on what other equipment is there and how many people you’re working with, but Mine S seamlessly fits in with your workspace whether that’s a play in a church basement or a big game in an arena filled with thousands of people.


    Since you can swap out and in any modules you want, it also means that you can replace broken ones on the fly when needs be. That’s a “lifesaver” at a live event.

    We designed Mine S according to DFA (design for all), it’s especially useful as an aid for people with disabilities. In fact, the flexibility and the possibility of configuring a layout according to their specific needs is a great benefit because they can use the module with more efficiency and in most cases avoid errors.  


    Mine S is patent pending and Specialwaves has already obtained the ornamental design patent.



    Can this be used in studio?

    Yes. Mine S can speed up your workflow in the studio thanks to its versatility with any software.

    Can this be used for live performances?

    Yes, and thanks to the modularity of the product, you can set up the perfect layout for any live situation, controlling your entertainment application precisely.

    What about on a PC vs. Mac?

    Mine S is compatible with MacOs and Windows.

    What is the maximum resolution of the Encoder and Pots?

    Encoders can achieve up to 65536 steps (native 16bits). Sliders and Pots can achieve up to 4096 steps (native 12bits).

    Has the Pad Module the aftertouch feature?


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