NATEDE: the Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier
NATEDE: the Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier
NATEDE: the Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier
NATEDE: the Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier
NATEDE: the Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier

NATEDE: the Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier

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    NATEDE is a Smart Natural Air Purifier powered by Nature and Technology that eliminates Indoor Pollution and analyzes it! As we spend 90% of our time indoors and as indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor, breathing good air matters! NATEDE is powered by common plants supercharged by technology. it features a photocatalytic filter that doesn't need any replacement and it can be remotely controlled via its mobile app and smart home devices.

    Introducing NATEDE by Clairy

    Following the incredible success of our 2016 Campaign, we are proud to present you: NATEDE by Clairy.

    NATEDE is your brand new incredible Smart and Natural Air Purifier. It will also be the most beautiful design object you will ever have for your home or office, and it's now available for pre-orders.

    NATEDE is a beautiful Natural Air Purifier for any home or office, and behind its simple design it features a complex and innovative technology.

    NATEDE has the most advanced sensors and it leverages a new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, eliminating waste and extra expenses.
    Thanks to the combination of the plant with this innovative filter, this air purifier successfully eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors.

    NATEDE works with its dedicated app that allows users to monitor air pollutants and control the air flow in their space in real time. NATEDE can even connect to other smart home devices.

    'The most crowdfunded anti-pollution project ever!' - Tom's Hardware

    “Two years after the global success of the first product, Clairy presents NATEDE” - Wired  

    'Most air purifiers are bulky and loud, with no thought going into its aesthetic. NATEDE is loaded with complex technology, and it has a nice design so that you can proudly display it anywhere' - Design Milk 

    Why Stephen Croncota, former Chief Marketing Officer at VERSACE is now Advisor for Clairy

    Take control of your environment, care about the people you love. 

    The monitors and sensors inside NATEDE can accurately measure the temperature and humidity of a room, as well as detect pollutants (VOCs), fine-particulates (PM2.5), and carbon monoxide (CO).

    NATEDE Premium will also include an additional sensor for carbon dioxide (CO₂).

    The new NATEDE mobile app (available for iOS and Android) allows users to monitor the air quality in their space. NATEDE connects to your home or office Wi-Fi, so you can manage NATEDE from everywhere. It features also Bluetooth, which makes the first connection and setup much easier.

    NATEDE’s mobile app dashboard shows real-time monitoring of the IAQ (Internal Air Quality). The wave frequency changes depending on the IAQ levels.

    From the mobile app it’s possible to manage NATEDE’s fan speed and select one of the four available operating modes.

    It's also possible to see a detailed breakdown of the pollutants in your environment.

    NATEDE’s app features a Statistics section where you can monitor the levels of the measured elements such as humidity, temperature, VOCs, PM2.5 and CO. Premium users will also be able to monitor CO₂ levels.

    The core technology of NATEDE is phytoremediation, which means that it uses the natural power of common plants to clean toxins in the air. This was studied by NASA in the ’80s and implemented by Clairy with almost 3 years of research at PNAT and LINV, two of the most important laboratories on plants neurobiology in the world. 

    Plants placed in NATEDE metabolize a significantly higher amount of pollutants as opposed to plants potted in regular vases given that the air purification process happens throughout the whole plant, including its roots.

    NATEDE also features a new and improved technology unit that supercharges this effect.

    NATEDE combines phytoremediation with a new incredible filtration process: photocatalysis

    NATEDE's superpowers come from the so-called photocatalysis: light energy kick-starts a process that zaps all kinds of nasty air pollutants and turns them into harmless substances instead.

    For people who suffer from asthma and allergies, the NATEDE light-powered air purifier is a great ally to breathe clean air and improve your health.

    The photocatalytic filter inside NATEDE can capture and eliminate VOCs, viruses and bacteria, and it can significantly alleviate odors from pets, cigarettes and cigars, cooking, mildew, etc.

    And the best part of photocatalysis is that this filter does not need any replacement!

    NATEDE’s technology has been scientifically tested


    It’s now more than 3 years that we have been testing our products and our technology. Our main partners are PNAT and LINV, the most prestigious research labs on plants neurobiology in Europe, both spin-offs of the University of Florence, Italy. PNAT and LINV proved the effectiveness of our system and work closely with us to improve our products.


    After the success of our first Kickstarter campaign back in 2016, we started working with fluid dynamics engineers to perfect the airflow and to improve the purification range. NATEDE has an incredible purification range and guarantees a perfect and silent air flow.


    Photocatalysis is a natural process by which the light strikes a mineral (titanium dioxide - TiO₂ - a common mineral) and activates a chemical process that securely and instantaneously oxidizes and decomposes the organic matter at the molecular level to form water vapor and small parts of carbon dioxide. The combination of photocatalysis with the plant is just perfect and guarantees a great improvement in performance.

    Comparing NATEDE to other air filtering

    Clairy’s technology has 3 worldwide patent pending applications.

    Having a NATEDE means you can lay back and relax: the NATEDE app lets you take control of the air you breathe, hassle-free.

    Whether you are cooking, working, relaxing or sleeping, you can select the right functioning mode of your NATEDE.

    You will be able to save energy while you are not at home with its night mode, or boost its fan while you are preparing those yummy recipes with performance mode.

    And if you need a good sleep to be ready for an intense day tomorrow, just make sure you breathe good air during the night.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, devices, and sensors are given the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, devices, and sensors are given the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

    NATEDE features a proximity sensor that lets you turn it ON an OFF by simply moving your hand close to it. NATEDE is science, but you can do your little magic here.

    NATEDE features an intuitive LED guide that lets you see the quality of your air without checking the app.

    NATEDE features a self-watering system, which helps to further reduce water consumption– in addition to keeping plants alive while we are on the move or on long holidays - its water tank can bring water to plants for about a month.

    NATEDE's new photocatalytic filter, combined with the increased efficiency of the air flow, will also reduce smoke, cooking, and bathroom odors.

    NATEDE has a green soul: it is Made in Italy with sustainable materials often derived from natural waste. 

    At Clairy, we are committed to a green lifestyle, we respect our planet, and while NATEDE purifies your air from harmful elements that can affect your health we are keen on avoiding an impact on our planet. 

    This is why we spent 2 years looking for the best combination of these materials.

    We have created NATEDE starting from the concept of 'Circular Design Economy', which refers to a sustainable design that thinks about our future. 

    NATEDE is respectful to the environment in multiple ways: in its use of natural materials, in the lack of added harmful glues, and in its sustainable dismantling at the end of its lifecycle. 

    As a Nature-loving company, we leverage nature and we aim to preserve it as best as we can.

    As a Technology-enabled company, we deliver the best in class of today's most advanced research in a sustainable future where Economy is based on Circular Design.

    As a Design company, we are keen on thinking about your health and your future, while delivering a beautiful design object that will enrich your home, office, and your well-being.

    NATEDE Premium is made of ceramic and handcrafted by the best Venetian artisans.

    NATEDE comes in 2 versions, regular and Premium, each one in 2 available colors, all able to adapt to any home or office style.

    Pick your favorite color to enhance your own home or office style.


    NATEDE comes with a power cord which plugs into the power outlet, and adapter.

    Made with the finest wood, the NATEDE Luxury Wooden Stand is specifically designed for the NATEDE Air Purifier to add an extra touch of design to your home or office. It does not require glue or screws, it requires only two steps to assemble it.

    Talking about partners, there’s one we are super proud of: Eden Projects, an NGO that plants trees in developing countries.

    Clairy will donate 10 trees for every NATEDE sold.

    Thanks to your support, as of today we have already donated 17,000 trees.

    Here is the list of our Partners: they are all leaders in their sectors.

    Our Mission 

    We’ve set out to highlight the necessity of green ethics and to increase your quality of life by developing simple products that combine innovative technologies with incredible design.


    What is NATEDE?

    NATEDE by Clairy is a natural air purifier that combines the power of nature and technology to eliminate indoor pollution and to analyse it.

    How does NATEDE work?

    NATEDE is a filtration system based on the principle of phytoremediation, which is a process that allows plants to concentrate elements and compounds from the environment and to metabolize various molecules in their tissue. The filtering system is supercharged by the presence of a technological unit within NATEDE that exponentially increases the passage of air through the plant, eliminating harmful substances and purifying the air. Moreover, it has e new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, therefore eliminating waste and extra costs.

    What is a photocatalytic filter?

    Light energy kick-starts a process that zaps all kinds of nasty air pollutants and turns them into harmless substances. For people who suffer from asthma and allergies, light-powered air purifiers like these are another weapon in the fight for cleaner air and better health. You don’t have to replace it, just rinse it with water!

    What toxins and pollutants does NATEDE eliminate?

    NATEDE eliminates 93% of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) including benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde; 99% of bacteria, virus and fine particulate. NATEDE also removes odors.

    What’s the main difference between NATEDE and a traditional flowerpot?

    Regular flowerpots block the air flow at the root level, while NATEDE amplifies the phytoremediation process.

    What is phytoremediation?

    Phytoremediation takes advantage of the natural ability of plants to concentrate elements and compounds from the environment and to metabolize various molecules in their tissue. Common plants can accumulate, degrade, and render harmless contaminants in soils, water, or air.

    What is NATEDE made of?

    NATEDE’s updated design offers a modern shape and sleek look with cleaner lines. The wooden base is made of all-natural materials that are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. NATEDE is available in sustainable biomaterial, while the premium version is made of ceramic.

    What type of plants work best with NATEDE?

    You can combine NATEDE with various plants. Each plant has its own purifying ability toward different particles which is why each plant is more adaptable for specific spaces. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb, NATEDE has a self-watering system. So, you can forget ( but not forever!) to water your plant.

    For the bedroom: 
    Sansevieria trifasciata: it best purifies your air from Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Toluene. 
    Aloe Vera: it best purifies your air from Benzene and Formaldehyde.

    For the office or living room: 
    Spathiphyllum: it best purifies your air from Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene, Toluene and Ammonia. 
    Dracaena Marginata: it best purifies your air from Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Toluene. 
    Anthurium Andraeanum: it best purifies your air from Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene and Ammonia.

    For the Kitchen: 
    Aglaonema Modestum: it best purifies your air from Benzene and Formaldehyde. 
    Nephrolepis Obliterata: it best purifies your air from Formaldehyde, Xylene and Toluene.

    If you want more information about which plant could help get the most out of your Clairy do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]

    What plant isn’t toxic for my pet?

    Some houseplants can be toxic for your cat or your dog, so here is a list of non-toxic plants: Nephrolepis Obliterata, Nephrolepis Exaltata, Gerbera Jamesonii, Phoenix Poebelenii, etc.

    Will I receive my NATEDE with a plant?

    We only sell the flowerpot. The plant would suffer during the shipping process! You can choose one from our recommended plants (view previous question).

    How long will it take to receive my NATEDE?

    If you support us now, we will ship your NATEDE in January 2019. 

    What is included in my NATEDE box?

    - 1 NATEDE with water storage 
    - 1 photocatalysis filter 
    - 1 water level indicator 
    - 2 strings for the self-watering system 
    - 1 power supply and a power cord

    Do you ship to my country?

    Yes, we ship worldwide!

    What type of soil should I use?

    You can use any high quality soil.

    What is the function of the strings? Should I use just one or both?

    The strings are a part of the self-watering system. If your plant doesn’t need a lot of water, like the Snake Plant or Aloe, you can use just one string. If it requires more like the Flamingo Flower, use it two.

    Can I control the fan?

    With NATEDE you can control the fan and choose from 4 modalities: 
    - Auto mode: NATEDE activates on its own when it detects poor indoor air quality; 
    - Performance mode: boosts NATEDE and gets it running at full power; 
    - Night mode: lowers NATEDE’s fan and light when they are not needed 
    - Custom mode: lets you decide your own settings.

    Can I connect NATEDE to other IoT devices?

    Yes, you can! NATEDE can connect to other smart home devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, and provides users with health tips.

    How can I turn on my NATEDE?

    Thanks to its touchless control, you can turn on your NATEDE waving your hand over the sensor.

    How much water should I put in the self-watering system?

    You can fill the self-watering system until you see the white part of the float.

    How do I know when it's time to water the plant?

    Check your float, and when it’s all the way down it’s time to add a bit of water in the self-watering system. So, if you are leaving for a long holiday or for a long business trip, your NATEDE will take care of your plant during your absence. Here is a quick list of most common plants and their related water needs:

    Sanseveria: it doesn’t require a lot of water. Water once every 2-3 weeks. 
    Aloe: the soil must never be moist. Water when the soil is dry. 
    Anthurium: it requires a lot of water. Once a week or more. 
    Spathipyllum: water it regularly. Let the soil dry between each watering.

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