RIVER: Smart Power Systems & Solar Charging
RIVER: Smart Power Systems & Solar Charging

RIVER: Smart Power Systems & Solar Charging

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    What Makes RIVER Different? 

    RIVER is a new generation of smart, clean, mobile power.

    Recharge with Car Jack, Solar Power, or Wall Socket. Mega Capacity, Lightweight, and Portable. Holds Charge 1 Year.

    Take a Road Trip with RIVER:

    Simultaneously Charge Up To 11 Devices

    500W Total AC/DC Output. Most Comprehensive Array of Output Ports. Ever. 

    Incredible Technology. Affordable Price.

    Our mighty small device packs a big punch. Its striking, sleek design supplies tons of power wherever you go.

    Official Unboxing Video: 

    Skip ahead to 2:06 to watch River charge multiple devices at once!

    With Every RIVER Pre-Order You Get:


    Pre-Order Breakdown:

    • River Mobile Power Station (Black or White) 
      + US, Canada versions ship with 110V AC Outlets
      + UK, Australia, EU versions ship with 220-230V 50Hz AC Output & Universal Plug
    • Element-Proof Protective Case (Water Resistant)
    • 50W Solar Charger (Turns RIVER into Solar Generator)

    Outperforms Every Other Portable Power Station

    Advanced Technical Specifications





    Sizzle Reel: RIVER in the Factory

    Who knew battery production could be so sexy? Skip to 0:30 to see RIVER.

    Our Vision

    We are dedicated to social responsibility, harnessing our powerful new technology to foster inclusion and to raise standards of living in areas of the world where power shortages stunt growth and development. 

    Whether you are at a campsite outside Denver or in a  village outside of Delhi, EcoFlow is bringing you the mobile power station you need to power a free life. 

    May the power be with you!

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is RIVER? RIVER is a portable charging station, back-up generator, and emergency battery. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be recharged via solar charger, car charger or wall charger. (The latter two are included in the purchase of RIVER)
    Who created it? We're EcoFlow Tech, and RIVER is our first product. RIVER was designed entirely in-house by our team.
    What are the 11 different ports? River is equipped with 4 USB ports (2 Quick-Charge 2.0), 2 USB Type-C, 2 DC 6mm outputs, 2 AC outputs, and 1 12V Car Port.
    What colors do you offer? White & Black. 
    Which option is best for me? We recommend selecting the 'RIVER + Case + Solar Charger' Perk to get RIVER and the 50W Solar Charger, and the Protective Case. This will get you everything you need!


    What is the uniqueness of the technology? The battery management system. It's a 'smart' system, that allows RIVER to 1) automatically adjust the power output to the Wattage your device needs, 2) regulate temperature so devices don't shut down by starting a fan if too hot, and informing you if it's too cold, and 3) connect individually to each of the 11 output ports so if one were to short circuit or max-out the other 10 would continue charging.
    How do I charge my RIVER? RIVER has one smart DC input port that can automatically adapt to any power source from 10V-22V without an extra adapter. This input is located on the back right-hand side of RIVER. RIVER can be charged via wall charger, car charger, or solar charger. It takes approximately 6 hours to recharge RIVER by AC wall charger, however in only 4 hours, RIVER will be 70% of the way there!
    Can RIVER power my devices while it's charging? Yes, RIVER has state-of-the-art flow-through charging. It can output power while being charged.
    How do I store RIVER? For optimal battery health, store RIVER at room temperature in a dry environment out of direct elements. RIVER will hold its charge for over a year.
    What is the battery life? The battery has a shelf life of 1 year (about 3-4x anything else on the market) this means you can leave in your basement and charge it once a year and it will still keep positive charge.
    How does it work? RIVER is incredibly easy to use. There is an on/off switch in the front, below the screen. To turn RIVER on, press the button for 2 seconds until it beeps. In the back, there is another button to turn on AC power. This is because AC power is quite inefficient, so we regulate its use separately. Hold the button down for 3 seconds in order to turn the AC power on.
    How much does it weigh? 11 pounds (5 kilograms)
    How many devices can it charge at once? 11 devices
    What does auto-sensing mean? RIVER has an intelligent battery management system. When a device is plugged into RIVER, it will sense the device, automatically turn on, and output the exact wattage your device needs. If RIVER senses nothing is plugged in, it will first turn idle, then turn itself off.

    Safety & Regulation

    What is the recommended temperature range? 32-95° F / 0-32° C is optimal for storage. RIVER can operate at up to 140° F / 45° C
    Is it waterproof? While RIVER isn't waterproof, the Protective Case is water resistant up to IP63 standards (rain, dust, sand, etc.). Do not submerge your RIVER under water.
    What certifications do you have? RIVER has FCC, CE, UN38.3, and RoHS certifications. RIVER's chargers also have UL certifications.
    How durable is it? RIVER is very durable and rugged. However, we don't suggest tossing it around, since it's a battery.

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